About Us

I am the future of Nigeria(FON) is a name chosen by two sisters Renee and Zara Okocha as part of a charity organisation to help reach out to all Nigerian youths home and abroad to unite and be the changers of a new Nigeria.

They have undertaken to empower children in voicing their demands for a better country, and in working for the kind of country they want to inherit. They all want a safe and promising future for every Nigerian youth.

It is non-political and is not aligned to any faith or belief system.

Membership of FON FORUM is entirely voluntary.

The Era of social media, instant global communications and technology is at the disposal of many Nigerian youth. Technology via media has made it possible to connect to everyone, everywhere who is a Nigerian to learn about each other, and to work together for a better Nigeria. These Youths from different communities can now literally reach out from all over the world instantly, using email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to connect with each other to build friendships and share ideas towards creating a global community of peace, love and unity in Nigeria.

Can FON succeed?

Yes it can. This organization starts with a vision by two sisters who spreads the vision to others, who in turn spreads it to others until globally we create the Nigeria we wish to live in.


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